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Please call (845) 250-4085 to book!


$10 Per Person
-Excluding babies under 2 years old
Admission includes entrance fee, bounce house (weather permitting) walk through petting zoo, and hay ride.

Tuesday-Sunday, May- October- CLOSED MONDAYS
Additional Services
Pony rides.                 $20
Ages 4+

Adult Ride.                 $50

Petting zoo feed       $3

Every rider must wear closed toed shoes (no slip on, crocs, ect. ) and a helmet. Pants are strongly recommended. For the safety of our horses, we do have weight limits.

Ask about our Groom N' Ride! great for those who are new to horses!

Trail Rides

May- October

Classic trail

$75 45 Min/1 hour*

Family Trail

$55 30/45. Min*. kids 7+

Advanced Trail**

$120 1.5 hours*

You must be 13 years or older to go on a Classic Trail Ride. Every Rider must wear closed toed shoes that covers the entire foot and a helmet. Riders will be turned away without proper shoes. Long pants are strongly recommended and are required for Advanced Trail Rides. Every trail ride comes with a 15 minute schooling lesson (included in the hour) so the rider knows how to stop and steer their horse safely. Trotting may be allowed if the rider(s) can prove skills to the Head Wrangler. If in a group, the trail must go at the pace of the slowest rider.
Advanced Trail Rides are 1 hour and are walk, trot, canter. Advanced Trail Rides must be booked 24 hours in advanced and every rider must prove skills before going out on the trail. If the Head Wrangler sees a rider who can not prove safe riding, he or she can stop the trail ride.

Trails are weather permitting. Trails will not go out due to sever weather temperatures 90+ degrees F, below 20 degrees F, snow or ice, heavy rain the day of or before, and lightning. If you pre-booked and we have to cancel due to weather, we will contact you to reschedule. We accept 48 hour cancellation with refund. No show appointments will not be refunded. After 24 hours, you will be asked to reschedule. 

*Trail times are not exact, trotting and cantering make the rides go faster*
Parties and large groups 5+ must have reservation in advance.

Lessons Please call 

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